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Deckorators Square Estate Stair Adaptors

Deckorators Square Estate Stair Adaptors
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*Please Note: These Stair Adaptors work in conjunction with the Square Estate Baluster Connectors. You will need a pack of baluster connectors for every pack of stair adaptors you purchase.
20pk - 1 pack of adaptors will support one 10 pack of Estate balusters. Combined with Estate Connectors for all 35 degree stair installations. Square Estate Adaptors are 1-3/8" Wide and are 1" at it's tallest point. .Ships out via UPS Ground ( arrives in 3 - 5 business days).
Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Cut stair rails at the proper angle. Set stair posts. Lay both top and bottom 2X4's on the treads next to the post and mark.

Step 2: Lay top and bottom 2X4's next to each other with the top 2X4 on-center, out from center. Attach stair adaptors and square estate connectors. Notice the bottom 2X4 adaptors point in the opposite direction as adaptors on the top 2X4.

Step 3: IMPORTANT: Screw the adaptor into the 2X4 vertically at first to get it started, then move the screw back to the correct angle to finish. DO NOT over-tighten as this can cause the adaptor and connector to move off-center. Screw down slowly to a snug fit.

Step 4: Ensure the adaptors and connector are aligned properly. Attach the bottom 2X4 to the post. Insert balusters and position top 2X4 into place.

Note: Stair adaptors are designed for a 35 degree angle. Using 26" balusters, you will have over 37" stair height. Therefore, you may need to run the bottom 2X4 along the side of the stringer, rather than on the nose of the treads.

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